I've been on this journey as an entreprenuer for the past 7+ years and it has completely changed my life. I took my iPhone, started sharing about naturally based haircare products that I love, and I turned it into a life changing business.

My main goals before I started my business were to have more time with my loved ones, more freedom to live the life I wanted without stressing about finances, and the ability to travel and experience life on my own terms.

Let me tell you though...

+ I was not an "influencer" or an entrepreneur before

+ I did not start with thousands of Instagram followers

+ I did not have any experience in "selling" products

+ I did NOT have much spare time at all

+ I was nervous, skeptical, and unsure...

But I had BIG dreams and I saw a vehicle that could change my life.

So I put in the work for my dreams, and today I boldly share this opportunity because of what it's done for myself & my family.

This is a modern, relevant partnership that makes sense in the world we live in -- we are all already buying from people we follow online. It makes sense to earn 💰 as you refer products you love! "Social selling" is the way of the future, and I would love to show you how I built my business.

In just 8 years we have changed the entire landscape of clean beauty in an entire industry:

+ Over 3 million customers globally

+ 1.3 billion dollars in commissions paid to our field

+ launched in 8 countries

+ 1.4 million orders placed per month

+ 2.3 billion cumulative revenue

+ 1,553 Motor Club Members driving their paid for luxury cars

+ over 80 Million Dollar Club earners in our company

+ top #23 direct sales company in the world

+ top #22 beauty brands in the USA

And we are juuuuust getting started!

I’ve have helped thousands build a successful side hustle (and some have gone full time), so why not you?

👉🏽 Join us! There's plenty of room at the table for you.

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